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Warning signs you need a new roof

For many of us, a house is one of the most valuable assets that we have. If you are a responsible homeowner, you will keep your house in perfect condition at most of the time. Therefore, you should perform a regular inspection to any part of your house. Your roof is one of the most important parts of your house. This is the first defense against various natural threats sun as sunlight, wind, and rainwater. We all know that water is the biggest threat to the house. Untreated small leaking from the roof can easily destroy underneath roof structure, that can lead to damage to the house structure as a whole.

Therefore you have to keep your roof always in perfect condition. You and all members of your family have become accustomed to the cozy and warm and leak-free house.

Minor roof leak problem needs to be addressed accordingly. An untreated minor roof leak can lead to severe damage to the house. When it comes to roof problems, many homeowners prefer to roof repair than replacement. Roof replacement is more costly and time-consuming than roof repair. However, when the roof condition is in a bad state, pushing on repair is not the right option as it increases the risk of long-term house damage.

Before you start working on roof replacement, you may need to get prior work permit from the authorities, in certain situations like replacing the existing non-concrete roof with concrete roof from concrete delivery companies. You also need to inform your Insurance company of any changes made to the roof, once the work is complete.

Warning sign for roof replacement

As mentioned earlier, roof inspection needs to be done on a regular basis. You have to make sure that your roof is always in perfect condition. If you spot any signs of roof deterioration, you have to act accordingly. Your roof will definitely need replacement, if you found any of the following symptoms

  • Age of Your Roof

Do you realize how old your roof is? Many experts believe that your roof is only last for 20 to 25 years. However, you have to check your roof condition.  If you have one layer of old roof and one layer of new roof, your roof may last for more than 25 years. However, if you see some leaking and you have two layers of roof, most likely that you will need a new roof.

  • Curling and Buckling of Shingles

Buckling and curling shingles area is a clear sign that you need a new roof. Get direct sunlight and scrutinize your house slopes. If you found a curling shingles and losing it granules, it is a symptom that your shingles have passed their life expectancy

  • Inspect your roof valley

One of the most important parts of your roof is a roof valley. Rainwater and snow flow through the valley into the gutter. Minor damage to the valley can cause a severe roof leak. Falling apart and missing of the shingles is a clear sign that you need a new roof

  • Shingles granule in your gutters

When the shingles nearly past to their life expectancy, they tend to lose more granules. Have a look at your gutter and check whether they are full of granules. The dark and inconsistent color of the roof is also a sign that you need to replace your roof.

  • Day Light Pass through the Roof

Go to your attic and check if there is any daylight pass through the roof board. A moister weakened the underlying deck of our roof. This will cause daylight to pass through.

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